The Proposals

0001Masterplan for the site


The proposed site is to the south west of Milton Keynes between the A421, Whaddon Road and the former Oxford to Bletchley railway line.

The proposed development provides a logical new neighbourhood for Milton Keynes, complementing the existing communities at Tattenhoe Park, Kingsmead and Far Bletchley and supporting the City’s ambition for growth. It will:

  • reflect Milton Keynes’ design principles and standards
  • suitably reflect the physical boundaries of Whaddon Road and the railway line
  • take account of detailed assessments of the existing infrastructure network to ensure that impacts are managed and suitably mitigated

The new development will include:

  • up to 1,855 homes,  30% of which will be affordable housing
  • a grid road reserve to provide a route for a Bletchley Southern Bypass
  • Public transport links and integration with the Milton Keynes Redway network
  • a neighbourhood centre, with community hall, local shopping and services
  • land reserved for the provision of a 6GP surgery
  • a primary school  with early years provision
  • a site for a secondary school supported by financial contributions
  • an employment area
  • over 53 hectares of green open space including park land, sports fields, wildlife areas and allotments.

The development will also include:

  • ground remodelling
  • new foul and surface water drainage networks
  • additional highway infrastructure, including streets, residential footpaths and cycle routes


A package of formal revisions of the application was submitted to both authorities in August 2016. These included:


  • Improvements to the proposed site access arrangements as follows:
  • improvements to the Bottledump Roundabout, including an equestrian crossing and links to Redway routes to the north of the A421 and within the site;
  • revision of the proposed junction with the A421 from a ‘left in and left out’ arrangement to a ‘left in’ only arrangement and consequent amendments to the disposition of land uses immediately adjacent to the junction;
  • revision of the proposed traffic light controlled junction with Buckingham Road to a roundabout junction;
  • The incorporation of green space between the proposed satellite secondary school and housing at Far Bletchley within the boundary of the school site;
  • Changes to the Whaddon Road corridor to provide for a widening of the landscape corridor along the western boundary of the scheme, removal of the proposed bunding, a general increase in the extent of planting and accommodation of the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk to the internal edge of the landscape corridor;


  • Changes to the corridor adjacent to the southern boundary with the relocation of the woodland planting to the northern edge of the proposed SUDs features and changes to the overall design concept for the development parcels in the south east quadrant of the site which incorporates new east-west ‘ribbons’ of green infrastructure;


  • An increase in the number and sizes of equipped play areas to meet RoSPA guidance, and their disposition across the site to maximise coverage in reflection of Fields in Trust guidance;


  • Identification of a parcel of land to the rear of the proposed neighbourhood centre to be used either for employment purposes (B1) or to accommodate a 6GP practice (D1) developed over two floors with associated car parking.