This website explains the details of plans to develop land to the South West of Milton Keynes, including the documents that support our planning applications, the changes that have been made as a result of public consultation and the benefits of the development of the area.

The original planning applications were submitted to both Aylesbury Vale District Council and Milton Keynes Council in January 2015. Since then, the South West Milton Keynes Consortium has been working closely with both authorities through the mechanism of a Planning Performance Agreement.

The proposals, by the Consortium, will create a new neighbourhood for Milton Keynes and include:

  • up to 1,855 homes, up to 30% of which will be affordable housing
  • land required to provide a route for a Bletchley Southern Bypass
  • land reserved for a 6GP surgery
  • a primary school with early years provision
  • a site for a secondary school
  • an employment area
  • over 53 hectares of green space including parkland, sports and recreational facilities

The Consortium is now proposing formal revisions to the applications, which we have submitted to both Councils. Full details of the proposed amendments can be found here.

The proposed development will help to meet Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes’ growing housing needs. It will also support the city’s ambition for growth. The economic benefits will include:

  • the creation of around 475 jobs during construction including opportunities for apprenticeships
  • 2,000 additional employment opportunities created to service the needs of new residents to the area and also as a result of the new office park, schools and neighbourhood centre

About Us

The South West Milton Keynes Consortium is made up of a group of companies who have a proven track record in delivering large scale mixed use sustainable communities which embody the highest design principles.

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0001Masterplan for the site


The proposed site is to the south west of Milton Keynes between the A421, Whaddon Road and the former Oxford to Bletchley railway line.

The proposed development provides a logical new neighbourhood for Milton Keynes, … Read More


  1. Is there a need for new houses in the area?

There are substantial and unmet housing needs in both Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes, for both market and affordable housing and these are forecast to grow. Meeting these housing needs … Read More